GREAT Reasons to Purchase!

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Passing the CAPM® exam is not easy.

Passing the challenging CAPM® exam requires you have an in depth understanding of the 400 plus pages of the PMBOK® Guide, to select the best answer on 150 questions, AND, within 72 seconds on average.

Ask any CAPM® and they will tell you that part of your study execution must include CAPM® practice questions, as simply reading the PMBOK Guide® will not prepare you to select the correct answer, since many of the questions have 2 answers that appear to be correct.

It Doesn't Have To Be Hard to Understand the PMBOK® Guide.

We know from our 100s of past students, to pass the exam, it is essential for CAPM® candidates to completely understand what and how each of the PMBOK Guide® 47 project management processes interrelate with each other, along with knowing the many dreaded formulas and know the definitions of more than 250 tools and techniques.

Let our One of a Kind CAPM® Personal COACH simulator, make it easy for you.

If you are not confident you know the correct answer to the question, then simply call on your personal CAPM® coach for help at any time to:
  • View a hint to help you recall important facts, tips or formulas related to the question.
  • Be directed to the PMBOK® Guide page to read information related to the question.
  • Remove 2 incorrect answers leaving you with just 2 possible answers to choose. (We trust you will use this cool feature sparingly).
  • View the correct answer immediately. No need to stop the test first like other software.
  • Instantly read detailed explanations for the correct and all incorrect answers without stopping the test.
  • Email your personal CAPM® coach for further help on any question. Same day response and usually within hours.

The CAPM® Personal COACH is like no other CAPM® exam simulator on the market.

It really is almost like having a real person look over your shoulder and guide you to really understand the complex topics as you progress through more than 50 tests. Only use your CAPM® Personal Coach when you need help, as it is completely optional. At any time, you can block out your CAPM® Personal Coach and set the tests to mimic the real PMI exam environment so you are not tempted to call your CAPM® coach.

No need to guess when you are ready to pass the CAPM® exam.

The dynamic knowledge gap analyzer will isolate your weak areas by knowledge area and process group to maximize your study efforts. Simply view the summary results of all your completed tests to know when you are ready to pass the CAPM® exam.

9 Reasons why this is The BEST Progressive Learning CAPM® Practice Simulator!

  1. 1,000 high-quality CAPM® exam questions organized in easy to use progressive learning modules.
  2. 60 page printable PMBOK eCondensed notes. Plus extra material categorized by network diagram calculations, earned value, important summary of the key ITTOs with process flow diagrams, brain dump and more!
  3. 2 test modes: EXAM mimics the real PMI exam and LEARNING provides the CAPM® Personal Coach to view a hint, 50/50 (take away 2 wrong answers), the explanation, reference, and/or just immediately see the correct answer without stopping the test.
  4. Dynamic progress analyzer by process group and 10 knowledge areas. Take corrective action and focus your efforts on weak topics only. Know when you are ready to pass the exam.
  5. Getting started module. Create your own realistic study plan with our template to guide you through a progressive learning sequence using the PMBOK, eCondensed notes and eSim tests.
  6. Template instructions on how to fill in the PMI experience form - saves HOURS and HOURS of effort!
  7. Printable PMI auditable 35 project management education hours certificate upon successful completion of exams.
  8. 90 days unlimited access 24/7.
  9. FREE on-line support. All our questions have explanations for each question. Need more information, just send us an e-mail. We are happy to expand on any of our explanations.
  10. Retake the tests as many times as you require.
Convinced this is the BEST CAPM® simulator then purchase NOW! Not quite sure yet if this simulator is right for you? Then why not test drive our free DEMO and see for yourself. We are positive that after a test drive you will be 100% convinced this is the BEST CAPM® study prep tool available online.

Buy it. Practice it. Then Pass the CAPM® exam.

The entire PM Star team, wish you the best of luck on your CAPM® certification journey!

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